B&B Anastagi - Ravenna (Italy):
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A bit of History

Ravenna has his famous history of the original location, protected from the sea, crossed by rivers and surrounded by marshes, was legendarily founded about 3000 years ago by Thessali, occupied by the Umbrians and the Etruscans, and in III century BC colonized by the Romans, who made a point of reference for the history of the empire. Ravenna become the seat of the military port of Emperor Augustus in the I st century BC and in the V the last capital of the Roman Empire of the West. Following the fall of the Roman Empire, Ravenna once again regained the title of capital during the Ostrogoth kingdom at the end of which will become the capital of the Byzantine. Now a days the historic buildings unique in the world, including 8 UNESCO World Heritage area are the witness of the golden age lasting about 250 years. The old "fortress lagoon" can now be considered the real capital of the mosaic, ancient works remained unchanged to modern creations of contemporary artists, Ravenna offers visitors the charm and atmosphere of imperial splendor.